Fibre glass well/borehole cover, well/ borehole chamber

White, fibre glass borehole house - fully insulated with stainless steel fittings and security locking.

Description of the whole set:

The deep well insulating casing ETO-Term, is an innovative solution in its category, replacing the previously used concrete housing. The housing is made of glass-reinforced polyester, which ensures high strength while maintaining a relatively low mass. They provide full protection against frost. In addition, the wall casing filled composite, has a higher coefficient of heat resistance. The design solutions allows for impeccable behavior and easy access to the interior of the housing and water meter, valves, etc. Extremely simple to keep clean and the housing meets all the standards set by sanitary - epidemiological stations.* Hygienic Certificate of the National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene.

Type of stell

Two versions of steel are available: stainless steel version and normal steel that has a protective anti corossion zinc layer.

Colour choice

We offer every RAL palette color, in magazine we have: white, green, blue. Other colors need to be ordered specially.

Special frame

We have a special version that has a frame that You can embed into a concrete base. Frame dimensions are: 1370x720mm.

Insulated well (borehole) cover by "Eotech". Borehole house, borehole housing.

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Borehole house, borehole housing, well cover, called also borehole chamber.
White or colourful, fibre glass borehole house - fully insulated with (stainless) steel fittings and security locking. Stainless steel is an option You can choose from.

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Easy access

Insulated well covers offer easy access to internal parts and watrermeters.  Added freeze protection, no freeze protection is an option.


Custom colors by request
Insulation for added freeze protection

Electric heating for extra freeze protection

Delivery costs

Delivery costs are not included in price, contact us for exact calculation.

"Eotech" Factory

Our new producing facility

Our new production plant is located in Zielona Góra, Poland, in Racula suburb. New factory has trippled our production capabilities.

Special product versions

Products on demand

In our offer are also special products- that we sometimes export to other countries. The borehole cover shown in the picture is exported to Germany.

Product versions to choose from

Product types

We offer (1) standard well cover, (2) well cover in stainless steel, (3) well cover with frame to be mounted in concrete. 

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